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On March 2015, the bank had an ATM and kiosk network of 795 units manufactured by Wincor Nixdorf, Dors, and Nautilus Hyosung. The primary functions of the units were deposits and cash withdrawals. The bank wanted to expand the available functions on the kiosks and ATMs by implementing utility payments on a self-service friendly platform.



The bank required industry-standard software, which could manage large transaction volumes. The Payments Hub with an ATM Web Host extension were selected. This proven solution and extension were applied to large ATM networks. The solution supports either ATM vendor native applications or third-party multivendor software applications. While the customer has a geographically spread out ATM network, two of the benefits for using our solution were that ATM Web Host does not require the installation of additional software components on the units and that it has an adaptive consumer interface — it automatically configures the list of services depending on the capabilities such as a touch screen, a cash acceptor, as well as others.

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For one year after the project was launched all bank ATMs were updated by ATM Web Host. The technology, which is based on Web-protocol allowed updates to be installed remotely. The total solution has gateways to the largest federal payment aggregators and service-providers, gateways to repay loans, and a Software Development Kit for programming new gateways. At the end of the project Home Credit bank consumers gained access to 3,000 payment services and the bank itself was able to manage the collection of payments. The bank can remotely add new services, rates, and fees.

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«Together with eKassir Ltd we implemented new services, which are useful for the bank and consumers. ATM Web Host has a clear and fast interface, which automatically configures the list of services depending on the unit configuration. This is important if we manage a multivendor network of kiosks and ATMs. Another advantage is the remote installation of the updates and the support of eKassir Ltd.»

Dmitry Verzlin,
Head of ATM and kiosks network development Department of Home Credit bank, comments.

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Home Credit bank is a leader in POS-crediting in Russia and is listed in the TOP 10 banks in terms of volume of private individual loans. The bank is a member of International Financial Group Home Credit Group and since 2002 has operated in Russia.