Otkritie Bank

Managing the centralized payments acceptance via the remote service channels



During development of the banking remote services, Otkritie Bank was needed to solve a few important tasks:

  • Organize the payments reception from individuals through all channels to provide remote banking services.
  • Integrate the Faster Payments System of the Bank of Russia with Otkritie Bank remote banking services channels.
  • Expand the functionality of the Bank’s ATM network without replacing the control software.
  • Merge into the single system all services providers, payment for which receive payments via the branches and all remote banking service channels.



Otkritie Bank has chosen the commercial solution «eKassir Payments Hub» to create a united system for payments acception for all service providers. In its cash nodes the Bank has installed «eKassir Teller Desk & Unified Front App», that supports the peripheral equipment work and meets the regulatory requirements for fiscal registration.

For expanding the services ATM possibilities, For expanding the services ATM possibilities, relieving the cashiers and reducing devices operational network maintenance costs Otkritie Bank needed some software that would support many transactions. In November of 2018 the Bank implemented «eKassir ATM Web Host» software which meets these requirements. Otkritie Bank needed some software that could seamlessly support numerous transactions. In November of 2018 the Bank implemented «eKassir ATM Web Host» software which meets these requirements.



Thanks to a joint cooperation project between Otkritie and eKassir, the Bank has implemented the centralized omnichannel payment platform that merges all banking branches and remote services channels. The platform gets expanded as the Bank services are developing.

In 2011 the project has been started based on the Saint-Petersburg branch. The created payment acceptance system was subsequently scaled to the entire federal network of Otkritie Bank. For years of payment system operation the number of registered service providers has grown a lot: from 4,000 in 2011 to 10,700 in 2021.

The implementation of the «eKassir ATM Web Host» solution allowed Otkritie Bank to implement the various payment services on their ATMs. This solution doesn’t require the control software replacement because it is fully compatible with the solutions of all top vendors. The project was successfully scaled over entire Bank ATM network in the next few years. «eKassir ATM Web Host» is now installed on all 4,400 ATMs of Otkritie Bank.

In the fall of 2021 Otkritie Bank started accepting QR-codes for utility and tax payments on ATMs. This project was based on «eKassir ATM Web Host» too.

In July of 2019 the Bank joined the Faster Payments System of the Bank of Russia (FPS) with «eKassir Adapter for FPS» software. This solution provides the ability to connect financial organization for money transfers via FPS within various scenarios such as C2C, C2B, B2C and Me2Me Pull. eKassir’s solution offers the standardized APIs for integration with the Bank systems.

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service providers


teller desks

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About the bank


Otkritie Bank is one of the ten largest banks in the Russian Federation in terms of portfolio and belongs to the national systemically important. The Bank is actively developing various businesses activities: corporate, investment, retail, SMEs and private banking.

Beginning its work in 1993, today Otkritie Bank is a large-scale financial group, which owns a service network consisting of 497 client offices in 224 cities in 73 regions of Russia. The Bank owns a combined partner network of 38 thousand self-service devices.