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Managing the centralized payments acceptance via the remote service channels



In 2011, when developing the branches network, the bank met the challenge to join into a single system all service providers, the payments for which were accepted via teller desks and RBS. It was expected that the perfect system had the centralized management of all service providers and used the domestic business logic for accounting reports.



To address these tasks, Otkritie Bank have chosen eKassir’s out of the box solution, Payments Hub. On this basis the integrated system was developed. The system became available in all front applications and started to accept utility payments to service providers (by direct contracts) or to payments aggregators. Moreover, the bank implemented new eKassir software for teller desks, which supported a wide range of hardware peripheral devices and met all regulatory requirements.

The joint project was launched in 2011 in Saint-Petersburg branch. After successful project implementation, the solution was replicated over Otkritie Bank federal network. The total number of the teller desks used eKassir solution increased from 150 in 2012 up to 800 in 2018. Later, as the remote service channels were developing, the on-line bank system and mobile banking of Otkritie Bank were connected to Payments Hub system.

For many years of payments system operating, the number of service providers have repeatedly increased: 4 000 in 2011 in comparison to 10 000 in 2017. The major part of the available services is provided by direct contracts with the providers.

In 2018 the new stage of the payments system developing started. As a result, the utility payments will be available over entire ATM network of Otkritie Bank, which includes 3200 devices. To deliver new functional capabilities, the bank uses ATM Web Host solution with no need to change or upgrade the ATM control software.



In cooperation with eKassir, Otkritie Bank has implemented the centralized payments system, which integrates all branches and remote service channels. The system is scalable and expands as the business grows. Payment service is available in mobile and internet banking, and will be available in 3200 ATMs by mid 2019.

10 000

service providers


teller desks

3 200


About the bank


Otkritie is a full-service commercial bank benefiting from a diversified business structure. The Bank focuses on corporate investment banking, retail business, SMEs and private banking.