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Organization of the unified secure system for utility bills payment

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The company needed to solve the following tasks:

  • To organize the unified safe system for acceptance of utility payments and to scale it on all offices and self-service devices.
  • To create a unified space for managing utility payments and provide to customers an opportunity to pay services through the company’s self service devices network.



To solve the tasks the Petroelektrosbyt JSC. management was looking for suitable software which could handle a lot of transactions. At the same time, these transactions would have to be successfully performed on all self service devices (SSDs) of the company. In 2013 the company acquired and implemented «eKassir Payments Hub», a software that allows you to set up payment gateway to any services, manage the fees and take into account meter readings in services payments. Thanks to the «eKassir Access Manager» component Petroelektrosbyt JSC. provided accounts authorization and the secure form of payments acceptance. Using this product in conjunction with «eKassir Payments Hub» the company secured the clients transactions on its terminals due to the built-in anti-fraud service. Besides, the company has implemented «eKassir ATM Terminal», the management software for self-service devices. UI of the out-of-the-box version was modified to meet the needs of Petroelektrosbyt JSC. Later, the company developed and implemented complex scenarios of the services payment on self service devices on its own.

Products and technologies,

used in project:

Implementation results


Thanks to eKassir’s solutions Petroelektrosbyt JSC. has created a unified system of payments acceptance and processing. It has been successfully scaled to 200 self-services company’s devices located in 3 regions of Russia. The clients of the company now can pay housing and utilities, Internet, TV and mobile communications through kiosks in all customer centers of the company. Moreover, both cash and non-cash payments are available.

About the company


Petroelektrosbyt JSC. was created in 1994 to work with domestic and non-industrial electricity consumers in Saint-Petersburg. In order to collect more payments for electricity and make it more convenient for customers to pay their utilities, the company has created its own network of about more than 60 customer centers. The network of payment acceptance centers is universal. In Petroelektrosbyt’s branches it’s possible to pay for electricity, housing and utilities, city and mobile phones, Internet, cable TV, kindergarten, private security and much more.