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The bank task was to create the distributed network of multifunctional branches in the short time. It was decided to move all payments to kiosks and cashin ATMs, which allowed to achieve:

  • Decrease costs of construction and building cash units in the branches;
  • Multifunctional branches with the minimum footprint;
  • Decrease costs of the branch relocation.



The functionality of eKassir Remote Banking Platform was expanded by frontend software components for ATMs, kiosks, Internet-banking and Mobile banking. The centralized management of the channels of remote services in eKassir Platform achieved the fast extension and support of the common set of services across the all devices in the network.



All transactions in cash were moved to ATM. Thanks to ATM with recycling the cash collection cost was minimized. Based on Web-protocol eKassir ATM Web Host extension supports complex multistep scenarios, which allows consumers to pay for different services: utility payments and to mobile phone accounts, insurance and bank products, money transfer and cardless cash withdrawal. When the Platform was integrated with the bank back office system, the personal and information bank services were added to remote channels.

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service providers

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About the bank


The bank was created as natural complement of VTB group retail business for long-term and successful work in the financial Russian market. “Pochta Bank” is oriented towards a mass and lower-mass segment and offers the population services in great demand: cash credits, credits for purchases, credit cards, as well as cash transfers and payments.