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Managing payments acceptance via self-service kiosks in the bank’s branches

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The Bank had the task to offload cash registers and provide customers with the ability to make payments to the Pro Credit Bank Congo at any convenient time.



The Payments Hub software with the eKassir Terminal solution for self-service kiosks was used on the project. Payments Hub was integrated with processing along with Quipu single ABS. It was deployed on the Quipu side and used in all bank groups. An SDK provided the opportunity to localize and customize the interface of payment terminals.

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In August 2014, all branches and service outlets of the self-service terminals, were equipped with card readers and pin-pads. Clients of the Pro Credit Bank Congo were given the opportunity to deposit cash to cards and accounts, as well as to make payments on loans every day 24/7. Operations on the terminal network in the first month of work summed up to more than $500,000 and, after a year of operation, increased to $5 million.

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«Pro Credit Bank Congo was established by the financial group Pro Credit Group in 2005. Following the group's global strategy, the Bank has successfully developed as a full-fledged credit institution for individuals and legal entities, offering savings and credit products to the Congo population. In 2015, the Bank entered the Kenyan banking group Equity Holding Limited. As part of the Pro Credit Group, Quipu specializes in developing and maintaining software for the Group's banks located in Central and Western Europe, Latin America and Africa. For Pro Credit Bank, Congo Quipu provides processing center services, delivers and services ABS, CRM, online banking system.»

Mikhail Gumanovsky
CIO Quipu

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As part of the Procredit Group, Quipu provides IT consulting and development of software solutions, and comprehensive technological support to banks of the Pro Credit Group, as well as third-party financial institutions. Based on years of experience in the development, implementation and maintenance of banking information systems, Quipu, offers effective software solutions designed to solve specific practical tasks. In particular, Quipu provides services of the third party processing and card personalization center. For Pro Credit Bank Congo, Quipu provides services of the processing center, delivers and maintains the Core Banking System (CRM) and the online banking system.