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To develop business of financial service Svyaznoy needed a single payments system. It should provide payments acceptance via self-service kiosks in communication shops networks. The project had a strong deadline according to the law now it was required to providing fiscal data for all payments. The previous solution did not support the legislative requirements.



The project started at January 2010. The legislative provisions on the 1 April 2010. The project brought into operation after 3 months. During the collaborative project with eKassir Svyaznoy achieved its purpose and implemented a payments system based on Payments Hub off-the-shelf solution. It allowed accepting payments to 2000 service suppliers. The system operates payments for mobile communications, utilities, air tickets, loan payments and money transfers. The system was integrated with accounting system 1C. Own solution for cash desks operates payments via sales premises and it was integrated with payments system via standard API. As part of the project eKassir Monitoring uses and allows to remove administrate a network of self-service kiosks. Quality management system based on clients feedback and was implemented. If necessary, a client may check a payments status remotely (accepted, completed, postponed, in process, canceled) using its number via the web site. Payments system, IVR and web site integration reduced the burden on call-center.

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Svyaznoy delivered high quality payments service, which users appreciated, after the implementation payments system. After launching the system’s business indicators increased repeatedly (transactions, locations, and service providers). The payments system allows to operate till 1.5 million transactions per day and to link retail network in 989 Russian cities.

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Svyaznoy is the largest retail network founded in 1995. 2,800 stores in Russia serve 1.5 million people every day. At each store the customer is available a wide range of technical gadgets, financial and insurance services.