United Card Services

Developing the tool for banks-UCS customers for creating self-service zones


The company faced the challenge to expand their line of services and provide client banks with possibilities to create self-service zones through the use of self-service kiosks, ATMs, mobile phones, and online banking. The new service was named «Persoofice». Aside from an expanded set of payment and personal bank services on different service channels, the new service aimed to provide UCS banks with possibilities of remote customer services.


The choice in favor of an eKassir system was due to the presence of a complete set of necessary components in a packaged version of our product: Solutions for ATMs (ATM Web Host) and payment terminals (ATM Terminal), reliable payment processing (PaySystem Server), and a convenient application for system administration (AgentPortal). The fact that eKassir offered a portfolio of standard solutions that could integrate with products from leading suppliers of bank information systems also played a large role in UCS’s choice to work with eKassir.

Products and technologies,

used in project


Launch of the «Persoofice» project provided UCS client banks with a possibility to use modern bank services with the support of diverse remote customer service channels. A convenient and intelligible device web-interface connected to the «Persoofice» service can be easily customized in accordance with the individual requirements of UCS customers. The bank can manage the system on it’s own and set different parameters for the remote service network in the interface of the eKassir Agent Portal application. There is also a possibility of payment acceptance for an unlimited number of service providers in the «Persoofice» system.

The quote

„«It is essential to create really convenient and functional self-service zones, not only to sell a list of maximum potential services on ATMs and kiosks. It is also important to offer banks a modern and technological solution that is both easy and convenient to setup. We believe that in complex economic conditions the „Persoofis“ solution can give a competitive edge to any bank».

Yulia Sirotenko,
the head of the department of development of payment UCS services.

About the client

UCS is the largest independent processing company in Russia specialized on a cards of international payment systems-release and card service: Visa International, MasterCard, UnionPay, JCB International, and Russian payment systems — «Golden crown» and «Unified Payment System (ORS)», as well as of non-bank cards of trade and service enterprises. UCS share of the acquiring market in Russia is around 20%. The company is rendering services to more than 50 thousand trading and service enterprises where POS terminals and cash register solutions for customer payments with payment cards are installed. More than 140 Russian and foreign banks are company’s customers, among which are principal members of international payment systems of Visa and MasterCard. For UCS banks are offered services on cards issue, ATM and terminal support, building of interhosts interfaces, as well as trade acquiring organization services. The total volume of cards released by UCS customer banks is around 5 million.