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BFA Bank has launched self-service kiosks

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In the course of remote banking channels development BFA Bank and EKassir Company have launched self-service kiosks network to optimize depositing, loan repayments and utility bills. Today only cash is accepted, but it will be soon possible to accept cards as well as instant deposit by card number.

Self-service kiosks enable to pay cash for services with no fees charged. It is also convenient to make deposit for credit repayments, mortgage, and auto credit repayments.
Bank Payments HUB will be also integrated with internet banking BFA online that will improve internet banking system by services available on self-service kiosks.

Golovan Dmitry (eKassir) — the Chairman of the Board: «Transferring retail payments operations on self-service kiosks is a widespread and efficient way of taking payments procedure optimization. To reach the goal banks need a comprehensive solution that enables to enlarge service list and to add new clients service channels. Bank Payments HUB is aimed to meet all those needs and doesn’t require any special efforts for integrating with bank’s IT infrastructure».