Cloud AdNet gains market traction as bankers examine the solution on iFin-2014 Forum

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It is the sixth consecutive year as eKassir participates in the annual iFin Forum titled Electronic Financial Services and Technology. At the event dedicated to the advances in the remote banking services, eKassir has presented its innovative software products. The cloud-based service Cloud AdNet for the management of advertising content on self-service kiosks has attracted a great interest of the iFin-2014 Forum visitors.
Cloud AdNet is designed to streamline the interaction between the advertiser and the operator of self-service kiosk payment by allowing for remote loading and management of the content to primary and secondary monitors of payment kiosks (also called terminals). The placement of ads on self-service kiosks is a popular venue of digital marketing: there are over 270,000 payment terminals deployed in Russia alone, therefore the advertisements placed there can target a wide audience. The automation of the content download and management via the Cloud AdNet advertising platform on kiosks and other self-service devices will allow operators significantly improve the profitability of their payment networks.
eKassir has demonstrated the new and improved features of its flagship product Bank Payments HUB for retail payments. The latest version of the software solution includes the eKassir ATM extension that allows for accepting payments on ATMs while centrally managing a unified scope of services that are available to a customer. Until recently, the deployment of ATM solution that enables taking of payments has been a very cumbersome task, because of lack of necessary features in the ATM vendor software. The eKassir extension interoperates with the ATM operating system via API without any modification of the standard ATM software. Visitors to the exhibition appreciated the modern, intuitive eKassir interface that differs favorably from the usually conservative UI featured by virtually all of ATMs.
An important addition to the Bank Payments HUB software suite is the new and improved Identity Manager server component. The eKassir IdM Server is a crucial part of the Personal Office service that is available across multiple channels: payment kiosks (terminals), ATMs, bank tellers, online banking systems and mobile apps. The Personal Office (sometimes called Personal Cabinet) application is aimed at the personification of the payment and banking services by providing users with the personal and reusable payment templates and with service history. The eKassir IdM Server provides strong authentication of users; it allows for the improvement of the level of data integrity and protection from cyber threats. In addition, Identity Manager enables integration with third-party directory services that not only greatly simplifies the configuration of access rights policy, but also allows banks to personalize customer service.

The eKassir CEO, Dmitry Golovan, said that it is every year our company takes part in the iFin Forum, and such an event is a platform for effective communication with representatives of banks interested in the development and modernization of the customer service infrastructure. Both technical and business staff at the eKassir booth enjoys a lively traffic of the iFin visitors, and every year some important understandings and deals are reached with our new and existing customers on the exhibition grounds. The iFin- 2014 Forum was no exception as during the expo the eKassir booth was attended by representatives of several dozen of Russian banks. The participation in this event is one of the instruments of dialogue with our clientele and users. The continued interest in our products from the visitors shows that the development of software solutions eKassir is going in the right direction.

About iFin Forum: The International iFin Banking Forums are dedicated to the remote financial services. The even is held annually since 2001. The iFin Forum is one of the major annual events in the field of IT for the banks in Russia and abroad. It is organized with the support of the Association of Russian banks. Each year the forum gathers up to a thousand of representatives of several hundred of financial organizations (mainly banks) coming from 40 to 50 regions of Russia and CIS countries.