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eKassir ATM WebHost – an easy solution for the complex task

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On October 6-7 eKassir company one more time took part in the annual PLUS forum “Bank self-service, retail, and cash circulation” and presented a strategically important for bank self-service product – eKassir ATM WebHost. The solution which was implemented on the base of company flagship product – Bank Payments HUB, allows to organize a broad set of personal services on ATMs without installation of additional software components to the equipment. The product approved simultaneously by two largest ATM manufacturers attracted noticeable attention of visitors of an exhibition: eKassir ATM WebHost provides a great variety of opportunities for the interface customization, cross-sale activities and remote management of a list of services. Functionality of a solution supports work with bank cards, as well as with cash. An important feature of a product is the adaptive interface providing eKassir ATM WebHost work on cashpoints with FDK, as well as on devices with touch screen.

The CEO of eKassir, Dmitry Golovan says: “PLUS–forum – is a field-oriented event for eKassir. Our company has been working in the bank self-service market for more than 10 years. In conditions of omnichannel customer service’s developing, expansion of a line of services available on ATM becomes one of the most demanded tasks for bank audience. Now a number of software products allowing to partially solve this problem exists in the market, but, in our view, functionality that is provided does not correspond to the volume of costs for introduction and the further use of such projects. The solution from eKassir has a series of important advantages, and support from the largest ATM suppliers appears to be the best proof”.

About the forum:

In two days of work the PLUS Forum was attended by 1398 registered participants, including leading Russian and foreign experts, representing state structures and departments, international associations of market participants, Russian and foreign banks, payment systems, technology and product companies, large retailers, research agencies, etc. In the course of sessions of the first and second days of the Forum dozens of participants presented their reports, dedicated to such interesting topics as perfection of monetary cash circulation, the further development of existing infrastructure of cash processing, as well as systems of self-service providing effective access of citizens to cash resources. In an exhibit part of the PLUS Forum which traditionally was held at the same time as the work of a conference, more than 70 companies from Russia, the countries of far abroad and near foreign countries demonstrated companies’ newest products, solutions, services, and technologies for the financial sector, retail, and state services, and also gave information about their plans for near future. The exhibition traditionally became a place of business communication for market participants and raised interest of visitors.