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What do you need to communicate effectively with customers and partners? Early coffee break, stuffy conference room and ocean of Power Point presentations? eKassir offers an alternative: brunch, boat and sunny weather. The 5th annual conference eKassir DAYS – 2016 was held in this format.The formal reason for meeting with partners and customers was successfully implemented concept of full-functional bank branches with reduced cash registers.







In eKassir sure: it’s impossible to launch full function bank branch without modern omnichannel Digital Banking Platform. On the conference eKassir specialists explained how to build a fully functional bank branch in the smallest space without sacrificing quality of banking service. In the proposed concept omnichannel is not just a term currently popular in the banking environment, but a prerequisite: all applications must interact in real time mode, in particular the interaction of applications for the consultant and ATM, allows you to transfer all payment transactions at ATMs, and to focus on the sale of bank products.







After the conference on the boat guests moved to the production line of Unicum factory, where the deposit machine – new product of the vendor – drew interest of delegates. The device allows bank to serve business in collecting cash. Unicum deposit machine equipped with bundle bill validator and a safe first class, which provides an increased level of security. Also to collect banknotes device uses the money bag instead of cassettes, which provides larger capacity and lower cost of the device compared to peers.






Guests continued informal communication on the top of one of the panoramic restaurants of Saint Petersburg.