eKassir company announced our new development – a digital banking platform (DBP), at the iFin-2015 conference

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As a tradition, international bank forum iFin held an opening on the first Tuesday of February, and eKassir company took part in this event as a partner. Dmitry Golovan, the company CEO devoted his presentation to the development of the eKassir product line – a full-featured RBS platform, in the framework of a conference program on the first day of the event.









Dmitry Golovan, the CEO of eKassir: Our company has already been a part of iFin conference for 7 years. At first, we positioned ourselves as a supplier of software for payment acceptance. But our product has been developed step by step, we have been expanding the number of channels used in Bank Payments HUB product – cash registers, terminals, ATMs, as well as a list of services available on each of them. Over time not only payments, but various bank and information services were introduced to our system. Now, having implemented application for Online and Mobile Banking we ready to step up as a remote banking platform provider. We call our product not just an Online bank and/or the Mobile bank, we call it a platform – RBS. And the main reason for this name is that Online and Mobile banks are just two channels in the whole remote banking platform. Personal services are also in a great demand on the rest of the customer service channels such as ATMs, self-service terminals and others. This is why our product is fundamentally different from products of all other RBS providers. The package version of the product combines such modern trends in banking services as multichannel and omnichannel operation, unified integration with the back office of the bank and others.

As Dmitry Golovan explained, the Mobile bank and Online bank are only a part of a system, but state-of-the-art technologies and approaches – REST, JSON, Open ID Connect, and others are built in into their implementation. Initially work on the new product started with the Mobile bank development as a channel and now it is progressing at accelerated rate. Moreover, the product is more demanding in terms of used technologies and implementation. A thin client is embedded in the concept of development of a unified API for Online and Mobile bank: all the business logic is implemented to a platform back end level and the mobile application or the online bank are only a layer where UI is implemented. And there can be several applications of this type. CEO of eKassir also noted, that: “There are still several interesting approaches and advantages which we pledged into our platform, but we are planning to show them later. Anyway, seeing the reaction, caused by our RBS platform presentation we can be sure that we have chosen right approaches and this product will be in a great demand on the market”.