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On November 13, the annual bank conference eKassir-DAYS’2014 took place. The event, which is traditionally organized by eKassir together with partners, gathered in the Column hall of the Radisson Royal Moscow hotel more than 100 representatives of technical and business departments of Russian banks. New products of the eKassir company became the main theme of a conference, as well as services from the partners of the event – SSaT and NCR. In the framework of a conference program eKassir company announced a number of promising developments that will be released to the market next year.

The greatest interest among banking audience of the forum attracted the presentation of the eKassir ATM WebHost solution, introduced with the support of eKassir DAYS’2014 partner – NCR Corporation. The new eKassir product is intended for organization of availability of an expanded set of bank services on ATM.

During the development of eKassir ATM WebHost was used the innovative approach to a problem and as a result of which the product has a number of important advantages over similar developments and also it allows to provide additional services on ATM with minimum operating costs. The product is aimed for use in large ATM networks in banks. The first project with the use of eKassir ATM WebHost launched more than half a year ago and at the present moment the product is being successfully used in one of the federal banks. One more report of eKassir was devoted to plans of the own RBS platform development being led out to market.

“A number of interesting projects was presented at the conference. After visiting this forum, we were again convinced that eKassir has been developing dynamically in a direction necessary for banks,” noted Alexander Chernov, OJSC “OTP Bank”.

The CEO of eKassir, Dmitry Golovan says: “A possibility to share not only achievements, but plans and hear objective evaluation of our work from the banking community is the key objective of our annual meetings. Our company has been working on the development of software products for bank self-service during more than 10 years, and, in my view, the key to success of eKassir in this sphere – is a non-stop dialogue with customers. Also for us the conference became an original reference point, a possibility to assess what has been done in last year. We are very glad that our presentations aroused sincere interest among delegates of eKassir DAYS’2014 and we hope that our solutions will be able to satisfy the requirements of a modern bank in a high-quality and reliable IT product».

NCR is the leading supplier in the area of bank, trading and IT solutions and the world leader in production and supply of ATMs and stationary scanners. With more than 100-year work experience in business, NCR offers particular solutions in the area of financing, banking, and trading. During two last decades NCR has provided decisions in the area of the Self-service Systems in more than 180 countries around the world. The company is retaining its leading position in the market thanks to the ability to offer banks and financial institutions the most modern solutions, which help to attract and retain their customers in conditions of tough competition.

Delivery of the unified technology solution which meets all the requirements of a commercial bank in a field of customer service is the main business direction of the “Software systems and technologies” company. The “SSaT” company solution for banks supports processing by Visa, Master, NCC, local payment systems, all types of credit financing, any card programs, all kinds of currency-exchange and cash operations, transfers with or without opening of an account, as well as remote service.

The eKassir® company was founded in 2003 and today it is the leader in the market of software solutions for payment acceptance in banks. A company’s experience in the field of development and im of information systems has more than 100 successfully implemented projects worldwide.
A Bank Payments HUB system is a company’s main product – a full-featured software solution for organization of payment acceptance with the help of diverse service channels: payment terminals, ATM, cash registers, mobile applications, online bank, etc.