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eKassir Group is expanding to the East: eKassir-Service started operations in Ufa

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The main objective of the launch of the new company is to achieve excellence of the quality of customer service, in terms of maintenance and support of corporate clients deploying and expanding their payment service networks.
Anton Izosimov, the CEO of eKassir-Service previously held the position of Director of the Electronic Services Center in Bashkomsnabbank, where he supervised the development of Bank’s payment factory. The payment acceptance network of Bashkomsnabbank operates on the basis of the eKassir Bank Payments HUB solution by eKassir since 2008.

Anton Izosimov, the eKassir Service CEO said: “At the start of its payment acceptance business, Bashkomsnabbank operated a network of just 30 self-service payment kiosks. Today it is one of the largest regional terminal networks. Currently among the payment acceptance front-end applications of Bashkomsnabbank there are bank teller workplaces in its branches, a mobile application, and an e-banking system as well. The payment terminals deliver comprehensive services including those intended for corporate clientele, automation of collection, tickets sales for entertainment events, a much demanded feature of change in cash. I believe that such an extended experience and deep understanding of the internal processes of the industry can find a great demand among the banks. The specialized division of eKassir Group under my management will provide the most thorough approach to finding solutions for optimal deployments of Bank Payments HUB, and it will allow eKassir a more close business relationship with regional banks.”

еKassir-Service is located in Ufa, the capital of Bashkortostan . The choice of geographical location is far from accidental: about a dozen eKassir corporate clients are located on the territory of Privolzhskiy Federal district. The group expects to continue the expansion of our presence in the Eurasian region, as well as to increase the efficiency of interaction with the eKassir clients in South-East Asia and the far East, by reducing the time difference.

Dmitry Golovan, the CEO of eKassir said: “To reduce the operational costs of the payments acceptance business there’s a need to maximize automation of banking information systems. Although Bank Payments HUB is a commercial-off-the-shelf solution, the eKassir group strongly believes in the individual approach to each client. In the framework of this strategy we have launched a new company, which experts have the highest expertize in the field of product implementation for Bank Payments HUB. The area of presence of the eKassir IT solutions applies to all subjects of the Russian Federation, and, by opening of a specialized business unit in Ufa, we expect to become closer to our customers, including the geographical sense”.