eKassir summed up 2016 results

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eKassir summed up the results of the company’s production activity for the last year. Significantly improved financial results were achieved thanks to increasing the range of projects in top-100 Russian banks. The company made the biggest new deals with Russian Agricultural bank, Touch bank and Tinkoff. In addition, eKassir expanded their product and technologic cooperation with Pochta bank.

In autumn, eKassir set up a new office in Tallinn, Estonia. The company’s products are ready to enter foreign markets in the nearest future. Presently the Digital Banking Platform solution is in high demand in CIS countries. The most ambitious implementation abroad took place in VTB Armenia.

During the last year, the eKassir team has been developing chat bot software, which is intended to help banks organize customer services in Telegram messenger. It is integrated with eKassir Digital Banking Platform solution and can deliver bank operations via the application. Further, the company continues improving features in well-known in the market solutions: eKassir Digital Banking Platform, eKassir Payments Hub and eKassir ATM Web Host.

«We have improved our financial performance and strengthened our human resources. 26 new professionals joined the team. Therefore, the company actually has expanded by 25%. Together we are building high-tech capacity of our solutions and support their top properties: security, performance, scalability and adaptability. These characteristics help us to develop our business and actively attract the new clients. We plan to increase functionality of our DBP solution and to make efforts in creating ATM control software» — Dmitry Golovan, CEO of eKassir.