Hendz included eKassir ATM WebHost solution into support of controlling software Kalignite NDC

Hendz holding as an ambassador of Kalignite in Russia has implemented the support of eKassir ATM API in the multivendor solution Kalignite NDC. As a result, the banks, which ATM networks are based on Kalignite controlling software, can now easily implement extra services for their clients on ATMs.
eKassir ATM Web Host is designed to extend the functionality of ATMs and self-service kiosks. The vendor needs to support eKassir ATM API to integrate the solution with the controlling software implemented on the equipment. Such brands like NCR, Diebold Wincor, GRG, Hyosung, OKI, have already included eKassir ATM API into their support list. Kilignite NDC together with eKassir ATM API helps banks to add more client-oriented services into ATMs and kiosks.

Off-the-sell solution eKassir ARM Web Host allows organizing payments acceptance via cash or by card, money transaction and personal area for each customer and other services in ATM. In a personal area, a client enjoys access to remote banking services (with limited equipment).

Hendz Holding is a leading supplier of complex technical supporting and developing multivendor kiosk network in Russia. Web site: www.hendz.ru