MasterCard certifies compliance of the eKassir product to standards of transactions processing on chip cards

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After passing the certification of M-TIP «Svyaznoy Bank» began to accept MasterCard cards with an electronic chip for payments in «Svyaznoy» terminals. The group of companies «Svyaznoy» has been in a close collaboration with eKassir company since 2010 and has developed a network of payment terminals on basis of a Bank Payments HUB software product. Acceptance of payments with MasterCard chip cards in terminals located in stores of «Svyaznoy» became possible after a software solution from eKassir has successfully passed tests and certification of a CardClient module in accordance with global standards of an international payment system.

The circulation of plastic cards as a primary tool of mutual payments in the RF territory is steadily growing. Today cards with an embedded microprocessor can give the highest security level, which is providing the highest degree of confidence in chip cards on the part of users. A broad set of miscellaneous payment services is represented in «Svyaznoy» terminals, including cash transfers, buying airplane ticket, replenishment of various bank accounts, repayment of loans. In conditions of existing limitations on not personalized money transfers in size exceeding 15 000 rubles, start of payments with bank cards which provide a payer with necessary identification is particularly important for users of listed services, as well as to a terminal network operator.

Dmitry Shilov, the head of the automatization of financial products office of the «Svyaznoy» group: «In „Svyaznoy“ stores many services are provided to customers: from purchases of different devices, to great list of payment opportunities for miscellaneous services. It is in our best interest that payments were as user-friendly to terminal users as possible. A possibility of payment acceptance with MasterCard bank cards with electronic chips is the next step to provision of an even more convenient service for store visitors».