PA DSS approved a software eKassir

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The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) has accepted the software eKassir as compliant with PA-DSS standards.

As part of certification, the eKassir was subjected to 120 audits, particularly in development, testing, installation and supporting, implementation documentation and safety performance. Testing did not involve all components and units for remote client’s services but focused on an eKassir Card Client unit, which is a part of an eKassir Terminal application. The unit provides support to those who pays using MasterCard and Visa.

eKassir Card Client executes client authentication in a user account at a self-service terminal. The application eKassir Card Client uses card processing by ISO8583 protocol and supports EMV chip card technology. The application eKassir Terminal operates at 10 000 self-terminals all over the world.

Compliance certificate PA DSS means reduced risks of identity theft for eKassir’s clients, also it will simplify procedure of receiving certificate from PCI DSS.