Payments acceptance on ATMs in Otkritie Bank based on eKassir solution

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Otkritie Bank and eKassir announced the collaboration project completion to launch new features for payments acceptance in ATMs. As a result of implementation ATM Web Host the bank can expand service capabilities of the devices, reduce the teller desks workload, and optimize the costs of ownership of ATM network.

To deliver new functional capabilities the bank did not need to change or upgrade ATM control software. During the project implementation eKassir team has integrated ATM Web Host with Open Way processing and the banking core system, set various scenarios for ATM with FDK and touch-screen.

Otkritie Bank uses Payments Hub for payments acceptance via teller desks, internet banking “Otkritie Online”, and mobile apps. As a result of ATM Web Host implementation most of the services registered in Payments Hub become available over ATM network. The bank’s specialists administrate the new system independently; they also can set the services accessibility and specify all commissions.

The next step in developing the system is launching personal areas on ATMs. This service enables clients to access the cards and accounts information, allows them to repeat the previous transactions using the timeline on the ATMscreen.

“We began to cooperate with Otkritie Bank” at 2011. That time we implemented Payments Hub in a bank branch to start managing the service providers from the single point. Later the system was replicated over all branches network. We are pleased to know that we met the bank’s expectations and we are chosen as a vendor of the solution for payments acceptance on ATMs. The single technological stack simplifies and accelerates the integration process,”

– Dmitry Golovan, CEO of eKassir, said.


“To add new functionality of payments acceptance via ATM with ATM Web Host we have no need to replace the control software at the devices. Now we expect to reduce the teller desks workload, and optimize the costs of ATM Network maintenance,”

– Aleksandr Dynin, deputy director of Acquiring department Otkritie Bank, said.


About Otkritie Bank

Otkritie is a full-service commercial bank benefiting from a diversified business structure. The Bank focuses on corporate investment banking, retail business, SMEs and private banking.

About eKassir

eKassir is a software developer for banks and financial institutions. The company was founded in 2003. Our competencies are payment and transaction systems, card technologies, software for self-services kiosks, digital banking platform, mobile apps, software for front-office employees and teller desks. More than 100 clients in 20 countries use our products.