Renaissance Credit Bank merged all means of remote payment services with eKassir solutions

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eKassir implemented a system to manage payment services at remote service channels of “Renaissance Credit” bank. It allows operating centrally service providers, setting transfer fees in different conditionals, and broadcasting settings to service channels.In a joint project with eKassir, the Renaissance Credit Bank has brought its clients synchronous access to more than 1700 services via the internet, mobile banking, and kiosk networks. The new system is based on eKassir Payments Hub. It merges suppliers of different services: housing and public utilities, education, internet and mobile providers from large payment aggregators, which have contract agreements with the bank.

The system has functionality to set up transfer fees depending on type, location, and other conditions of payment. After the settings are completed, all settings are broadcasted to each remote service channel. As a result of merging all service settings into a single system the bank has thus reduced operational costs and optimized fee collection.

«The bank started to cooperate with eKassir in 2015. When we made a decision to develop remote service channels and expand the network of bank terminals, we monitored and analyzed the IT market in order to get the best solution we could. We have chosen the eKassir solutions after successfully executing a process; they have the most suitable products for current banking technology. Upon product completion, we could say that we made the right decision to cooperate with eKassir, despite some difficulties in process of implementation and employee training. We hope to continue productive cooperation in the future.» – Maria Arhipova, senior vice-president of information technology and bank service support at Renaissance Credit., said.

“For Renaissance Credit bank we created a single point to manage payment services at all remote channels. The solution architecture is scalable. It allows integration with new channels and applications in the future” – Alexey Kotelnikov, COO eKassir.