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The NCR corporation included eKassir ATM WebHost solution into support of a global version of Aptra NDC.

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In the first half-year of 2014 NCR Russia together with the eKassir company had completed works over a joint project for a big federal bank. In the framework of a project eKassir company introduced Bank Payments HUB system expansion for work with ATMs – eKassir ATM WebHost.New IT solution from eKassir does not require installation of additional software components on ATMs and it is included in support of a global version of Aptra NDC.The eKassir ATM WebHost product is designed to provide customer with different additional services on ATM including payments acceptance, operations with accounts, collection of requests, forming the targeted advertising proposals, and other services in-demand. Functional capabilities of eKassir WebHost ATM allow to use as a payment tool cards, as well as cash. Among the main advantages of the solution from eKassir must be noted significant reduction of costs at scaling and during updates for ATM software installation, as well as great opportunities for interface customization and addition of services.

Constantin Khotkin, Vice-president of Sales Department in Russia and CIS countries of the NCR Russia: Taking leading positions in the market of bank self-service systems, the NCR corporation is interested in its customers’ having a possibility to constantly expand use limits of company’s products. Because of that NCR does everything possible to increase the number of services available with help of NCR self-service systems. The possibilities of modern ATMs are not limited by functions of a cash withdrawal and deposition. Together with the eKassir company we tried to create a full-featured, user-friendly and reliable bank product which will allow our customers to improve quality of a service and increase profitability of retail business.

Dmitry Golovan, the CEO of eKassir: Expansion of functional possibilities of ATMs is one of the most important and difficult tasks in the sphere of bank self-service. Solutions presented in the market nowadays, as a rule, require installation of additional software components on ATMs, which entails significant costs for support, use, and integration, as well as possible problems for bank’s information security. In addition, during installation of a separate software module on ATM the question with a backward compatibility with new versions of ATM software remains unanswered. A groundbreaking approach was used in the joint project with NCR: in it’s essence eKassir ATM is a Web extension of an Aptra NDC system and it is a complex mechanism of interaction between the ATM software and operation processing server – Bank Payments HUB. Only software of ATM supplier must be installed on the ATM. With such approach areas of responsibility for solution operability are clearly delimited between ATM supplier and Bank Payments HUB system developer, and also a broad set of additional services can be implemented without reduction of the security level. We appreciate the support on the part of NCR Russia and inclusion of eKassir ATM API in support of a global version of Aptra NDC is a certain sign of the quality of our software product.

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