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UCS and eKassir provided multi-channel access to payment and bank services

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The company of United Card Services (UCS) and eKassir are presenting the new solution “Personal office” for UCS client banks. Persoofice” provides banks with an instrument for creation of the customer self-service zone with use of ATM, payment terminals, and different mobile solutions.

The main advantage of a “Persoofice” solution for banks is a possibility of interaction with current and potential customers through all bank’s self-service channels and devices and rendering a maximum broad spectrum of services in each of the channels.

Convenient and understandable interface and great opportunities for customization are the most important advantages of a new solution. It provides bank with a possibility to promptly add new services and afterwards switch to the creation of so-called «easy offices» with self-service zones. The combination of these services will allow the bank to significantly reduce expenditure for customer service.

Thanks to a compatibility of eKassir remote banking platform with the equipment of different suppliers and eKassir ATM Web Host support by the leading cashpoint manufacturers we can assure that UCS client banks can use all possibilities of “Persoofice” regardless of composition of devices fleet. In addition, the “Persoofice” solution easily integrates in IT-infrastructure of a bank and meets the highest fault tolerance requirements”,- says Dmitry Golovan, the CEO of eKassir.

“For creation of really user-friendly and functional self-service zones It is important to not just sell the maximum possible list of services for ATM and bank kiosks, but to offer banks a technological and up to date solution combining in itself easy integration and convenient setup. Yulia Sirotenko, the head of the payment services development department, noted, “We believe that in difficult economic conditions “Persoofice” solution can become an important competitive edge for any bank”.

Project Details

For implementation of the project eKassir Terminal and eKassir ATM Web Host modules, as well as back ends of eKassir remote banking platform were used. Integration with Way4 processing was performed with the help of standard extension points. Thus eKassir company has fully completed works in the framework of the first stage in 4 months. In the next stages online and the mobile applications will be connected to the infrastructure of “Persoofice” and the list of services will be expanded by the addition of personal account, information and banking services.

Information about UCS company

United Card Services (UCS) is the biggest independent Russian processing company. Since 2009 UCS belongs to the “Global Payments Inc” international group. The company provides cards issue and acquiring services of the principal international payment systems – Visa International, MasterCard, UnionPay, JCB International, and Russian payment systems – “Golden crown”, as well as of non-bank cards of trade and service enterprises.