Webinar about eKassir solution for operating recurring payments

Published: 04.09.2018

11 September 2018 eKassir company as part of a webinar «Configuring a competitive solution for recurring payments in bank» presented the features of the new solution – Recurring Payments. It helps to set up a full-functionalities service of recurrent payments based on “off-the-shelf” software. Dmitry Golovan, CEO of eKassir, and Maxim Chayka, deputy CTO, spoke about basic features and integration with service providers.

Dmitry Golovan

Dmitry Golovan

CEO of eKassirr

Maxim Chayka

Maxim Chayka

deputy CTO

All types of the recurring payments are supported: scheduled and events payments, and payments against customer’s bills and liabilities. To launch the service the bank follows 3 steps:

  1. Integration with front apps. Front apps should support the extended protocol eKassir V3. All eKassir front apps (Internet and mobile banking, ATMs, self-service kiosks, payment front) support all types of recurring payment “out-off-the-box”.
  2. Ability to debit the customer’s account or card when making the recurring payments. Debiting is made by the standard module “Recurrent Payments Handler”, which should be integrated with the core banking system, processing service, or communication bus.
  3. Gateways to payments aggregators or service providers should exist in the system for events payments. There are pre-created gateways for a number of popular aggregators.

The implementation time is 3-6 months. Recurring payments service is available via all remote channels: ATMs, self-service kiosks, internet and mobile banking, teller desks.

Get more about Recurring Payment services Market in Russia.


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