Digital Banking Platform
Payment and transaction systems, card technologies, software for self-service devices, RBS systems, mobile development, software for front office employees and cashiers

Omnichannel Banking Platform


Omnichannel Banking Platform is an IT platform for building multichannel customer service in a modern digital bank. Digital Banking Platform implementation package includes front-end applications along with the server components, which interacts with the bank’s back-office systems. The following solutions are developed based on the platform:


Solutions for self-service kiosks and АТМs

Remote banking

Front-end applications

Open API


Omnichannel Banking Platform is composed of modules, which can be separated by channels, products and functionality. So, there is no need to implement all available functionality at once.


Multichannel solution
A single solution for any customer service channel in the bank
Omnichannel solution
All front-end applications share the same set of services
Efficiency and scalability
The platform is used in high-load projects
Rich functionality
The solution is the market leader for a number of parameters
Module structure
The solution is built based on a set of components and microservices that are used as needed
Accessibility 24/7
High availability of the service and worldwide distribution so you can access the service all around the world
Maximum of functionality is available as out-of-the-box solution

About company

eKassir is a software developer for banks and financial institutions. The company was founded in 2003. Our competencies are payment and transaction systems, card technologies, software for self-services kiosks, digital banking platform, mobile apps, software for front-office employees and teller desks.


Since 2003


More than 100 clients in 20 countries


One third of Top-20 Russian banks use eKassir solutions

More than 100 clients in 20 countries use our products. They are large banks, mobile retail networks, mobile operators and energy companies. eKassir software are certified for compliance with PA DSS and EMVco standards.

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