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Payments showcase is an online channel for accepting payments to service providers on the Bank’s or the service provider’s websites. Payment methods: banks’ cards and Faster payments system. In the payment showcase you can display any payments configured in the Bank’s payment hub. What’s more:

  • Commission is calculated online after entering the payment amount.
  • The full-text search is carried out using search tags which are configured in the Bank’s payment hub.
Solution scheme "Payments Showcase"

The main function of the Payments showcase is the automated page layout for a payment page in a web application. eKassir also provides the following functionality:

  • Automatic construction of the menu tree interface
  • Managing the payment scenario interface from the Bank's payment hub

  • The settings of the payment hub needed to build the interface:

    • Icons (links to pictures)
    • Regular expressions
    • Prompts when filling out the fields
    • Comments
    • Limits information
    • Error messages (if this function is configured in the Bank's payment hub)

  • Online verification of payment details is a standard procedure when paying for services. All the details are checked before the payment is proceed. Integration with aggregators that provide multi-way payment scenarios.
  • Payment by a credit card (integration with the Bank's web acquiring module or best2pay)

Examples of implementation

Example of a bank's payment showcase
Example of a PSCB Bank's payment showcase


Easy to start

“Out- of- the- box solution” based on Payments Hub. 

Easy customization

It doesn’t require any reworks in front-end applications. Easy integration with any web-acquiring module of the Bank.

Minimum labor costs when “adding” a payment to the showcase

All settings are specified in the Payments Hub.

Increase in the Bank’s Commission income

A convenient way to pay for services on the Bank’s website and the websites of service providers.

Additional functionality out of the box

  • Online Commission calculation of any complexity
  • Full-text search 
  • Multi-stage payment scenarios 
  • Personal account and personal services for payers 




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