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Faster payments system is a service to transfer money between the customers of different banks using a simple identifier: a phone number or a QR-code.

The service is available in any bank’s service channel:

  • Mobile and online banking
  • Cash desk
  • ATM or self-service kiosk

The money arrives to the Recipient’s bank account instantly. At this time in Russia the C2C, C2B and B2C transfer types and Me2Me Pull are implemented.

Логотип СБП

Our Solutions

Adapter for FPS C2C
Transfers between individuals


  • Accepting the transfer terms and selecting the account to receive money
  • Selecting the default bank for payments sending
  • Sending and receiving money transfers
НСПК логотип
Load test completed
Real usage in banks
Адаптер для СБП C2C
Adapter for FPS C2B
Payments from individuals to legal entities

Functions of the Sender / Recipient bank:

  • Crediting funds into recipient's accounts
  • Payments with QR-Static
  • Payments with QR-Dynamic
  • Refunds

Functions of the Bank - Merchant Agent:

  • Registration of legal entity in Faster payments system
  • Registration of legal entity’s account
  • Registration of legal entity’s points of sales (merchants) in Faster payments system
НСПК логотип
Load test completed
Real usage in banks
Адаптер для СБП C2B
C2B Additional functionality
Application for legal entity’s points of sales (merchants)
Merchant Portal
Application to pay for goods and services via Faster payments system

Functions of the app:

  • Employees registration and user management
  • Generating QR-Static and QR-Dynamic
  • Notifications of the incoming payments
  • Operations history
  • Partial and full refund operations
Available on iOS and Android
Приложение для ТСП
Приложение для ТСП
Приложение для ТСП



Multichannel  Transfers via any bank service channel  

Easy to start “Out- of- the- box solution” based on the Operation Server 

Limits and fees  Built-in limits and commission services 

Possibility of implementation by bank specialists  API for integration + consulting are provided 

Work 24/7 Updating without stopping the service

Autonomous work Continue working even in case of the Bank’s back-office systems unavailability

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