Open banking concept assumes proving access to the bank customers data for fintech companies.   Banks dealing with each other and with fintech services via Open API. From one side the banks give access to customers’ data (the customers decide which data and with which companies they will share). From other side fintech companies use these data for providing financial services. The interaction interface is standardized, that makes joining new participants easy.

Solution scheme "Open API Adapter"

As for July 2021 the following recommended standards for Open API are approved by Central Bank of Russia:

  • FAPI SEK security standard («STO BP FAPI.SEK-1.6-2020. Financial (banking) operation security. API for providing financial services security on the base of OpenID protocol. Requirements »)
  • Providing information about an account («Open bank interfaces. Obtaining the information about a client’s account by a third party. »)
  • Making payment («Open bank interfaces. Initiation of a client’s funds transfer by a third party in Russian Federation currency»)

To join Banks Open API Environment a bank needs to support Open API standards and pass the technical certification procedure on the Fintech Association stand. «eKassir Open API Adapter» solution is intended to reduce the bank’s labor costs for joining Banks Open API environment:

  • «eKassir Open API Adapter» already supports FAPI.SEK standard and both application standards;
  • «eKassir Open API Adapter» uses «eKassir Access Manager» as an authorization server. This is the same solution that is used on the certification stand of Banks Open API Environment, so the certification procedure can be passed easier.

Implementation results


After implementing «eKassir Open API Adapter» and passing through the certification procedure on the Fintech Association stand (Fintech Association is the Banks Open API Environment operator) the bank is ready to put the solution into production. When the certification procedure has passed successfully the bank can join Banks Open API Environment.



Modern technologies stack

Open API Adapter is developed with modern technologies stack. System core is designed in.NET Core, UI is implemented with ReactJS


Cross-platform solution

As Open API is developed with .NET Core it can work both in Windows and Linux



Authorization server «eKassir Access Manager» supports horizontal scaling as it can work in cluster.


Virtualization and work with Docker

Authorization server «eKassir Access Manager» works on physical machines, virtual machines and Docker containers.


Supporting standards

«eKassir OpenAPI Adapter» supports all Russian Central Bank approved standards related to Open banking interfaces.

Solution architecture


Open API Adapter is designed with micro-service architecture approach. The solution components are the following:

  • Access Manager with FAPI.SEK security profile support. Functions as an authorization server.
  • Account Service provides the resource server functions to obtain the accounts data;
  • Payment Service works as a resource server for making payments;
  • Cryptographic adapter to create signature and validation, encrypting and decrypting.

«eKassir Open API Adapter» provides the internal API for integration with an existing bank’s IT-infrastructure. With this API it is possible to integrate with Remote Banking System or Core Banking System.

Projects, which uses the solution


Certification stand of Fintech Association for Banks Open API Environment participants.

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