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Teller desk is a desktop application (thin client) for bank front-line employees. The application supports functions, which are required to accept payments to a wide range of service providers.

Unified front app is an extension for Teller desk, which enable users to launch a web-app with extended functions in-built browser Chromium. Teller desk in conjunction with Unified front looks like a single software window. A user needs to authorize only once, when logging in to the Teller desk application. Any further switching between the apps does not require password re-entering (Single Sign On (SSO) schema is applied).

Payment Front web app runs in the Unified front environment. With this app, the bank employee on behalf of the bank client can accept payments, or perform transfers and cash withdrawals from accounts, cards and other client’s bank products. It is also possible to apply for a new product or create a deposit in the same way as with internet banking.

Solution sceme

Teller desk as a master system and part of Unified front app is responsible for authentication of front-office employees, system monitoring, connecting with peripheral devices, and funds management. Payment Front and other bank web-apps, which run in a single software window, provide business-features.

Implementation results


A single window

A principal of a single window for all front apps. Productivity improvement

A single solution

A unified workbench to front-line employees: bank tellers, operators, consultants


Launching omni-channel service scenarios

Peripheral devices

Supporting a wide range of hardware peripheral devices


Full-functional monitoring, control of the system core and peripherals workability and performing centralized updates

Flexible solution

Micro-service architecture on the front apps level

All functionality

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