Protocol eKassir V3


For payments in banks

eKassirV3 Protocol is intended for exchange of information in form of requests and responses between:

  • POS (payments kiosk, cash desk, etc.) and Payments Hub;
  • Payments Hub and eKassir Digital Banking Platform

The protocol is based on client-server architecture. Information exchange can be initiated only from the client side (POS or Digital Banking Platform). While connecting the server V3-protocol message is transferred in the body of a HTTP – request. The server replies to the client by HTTP-response. Both request and response includes the headers with the certain parameters. Content of the request or response body depends on the operation subject. eKassirV3 Protocol message, which is transferred in HTTP-requests or response body, represents XML-format text created on the base of the V3 XSD schema. V3 XSD schema contains the complete set of the rules for data exchanging with the protocol.

Features of eKassir V3 Protocol


HTTP/HTTPS protocol is used as a transport layer

V3 Protocol response and request body contains XML-message created on the base of the V3 XSD scheme

V3 Protocol does not use the batch mode. Single request performs a single operation. Response returns the operation result

V3 Protocol works with the POS authenticated by password or e-signature

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