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Cloud AdNet – a single solution for managing the displayed content and demonstrating personal offers on Bank’s ATMs and self-service kiosks. The solution allows Bank’s marketers to run the advertising companies over Bank’s ATM network, collect the displaying statistics, rapidly customize ATM’s UI and demonstrate personal offers to customers.

Cloud AdNet work demo

What bank’s tasks the service can solve?

  • Distributing and managing information content on ATMs and any other Remote Banking service channels – quickly, without involving developers and admins, with ability to specify the demonstration parameters;
  • UI customization for the certain kiosks and ATMs of the bank’s network;
  • Displaying personal offers in UI with the possibility of collecting the customers feedback.

Which types of the content can be arranged?

Content – are the banners, advertising scenarios, personal offers and more, which are demonstrated in ATM’s UI while serving a customer:

  • Banners. Picture or a few pictures in rotation;
  • Advertisements scenarios (a few images or web pages by click);
  • Advertisements scenarios with data collecting;
  • Personal offers and info content;
  • Printing advertisement on receipts.

It takes 10-15 min to arrange content on kiosk or ATM network from deploying to get the ability to manage the content demonstration. All actions can be performed by marketer, technical staff is not involved.

Implementation results




Omnichannel service

Content managing service on ATMs and kiosks can demonstrate advertisements in Web and mobile apps and on any self-service devices.


Encryption the exchange protocol with control devices, checking content for safety, two-factor authentication, content moderation before displaying.

Seamless integration

The service is fully compatible with «eKassir ATM Terminal» and «eKassir ATM Web Host» solutions.

Ways of implementation

Web service can be deployed on customer’s premises or MS Azure cloud. Scaling, CDN and other cloud capacities are supported.

How it works


Step-by-step scheme of Cloud AdNet functioning, managing advertisements on ATMs.
How advertising content is delivered? How does the pre-moderation process work?

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